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As a parent, it can be difficult to monitor your teen’s social media accounts. Balancing safety and privacy concerns, the sheer volume of content, and high likelihood of missing a post or two are all significant challenges. Having a one stop shop that a parent or loved one could use to screen social media content, curated and presented with potentially troubling content first, could prove a valuable tool.

Read more about this project in a two-part blog post: part 1, part 2

Tech Stack

Bootstrap for our front-end components and styling.

React (with a Redux store) for the front end.

Elixir (with Phoenix Framework version 1.3) for the JSON and Websocket APIs.

PostgreSQL for the database layer.

Author face

Dave Lively

Dave is a Support Engineer at SalesLoft, husband to Sarah, graduate of West Point, and avid Atlanta United supporter.

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