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A key aspect of any SEO campaign involves a dedicated approach to improve local search rankings. Many of the top factors listed by Moz that lead to a negative rating are with respect to the accuracy of a business’ information on local listing sites. Nebo Agency, an Atlanta based online marketing agency, was seeking a solution for automating the process of checking local listings on a series of local listing sites. With no solution readily available to agencies, I was asked to assist with the creation of an application that would aggregate search results, rank them, and provide links for the SEO team to make the necessary changes.

Read more about this project in a blog post.

Tech Stack

Bootstrap for our front-end components and styling.

Pure ES6 on the front end.

Elixir (with Phoenix Framework) for the backend.

PostgreSQL for the database layer.

Author face

Dave Lively

Dave is a Support Engineer at SalesLoft, husband to Sarah, graduate of West Point, and avid Atlanta United supporter.

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