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This application allows users to create public and private Markdown-based wikis using Ruby on Rails. We used Devise for user authentication, Pundit for authorization, Stripe for payment, and Redcarpet for rendering the Markdowns.

Figure 1 Figure 1. Main landing page. Users can create a new account or login to an existing account.

Figure 2 Figure 2. After logging in or creating an account, users can view all public wikis or private wikis to which they have access.

Figure 3 Figure 3. Users can create new wikis using Markdown.

Figure 4 Figure 4. Result of new wiki from Figure 3.

Figure 5 Figure 5. Users can upgrade to premium membership, which allows them to to post privately.

Figure 6 Figure 6. We use Stripe’s API to setup payment.

Tech Stack

Bootstrap for our front-end components and styling.

Rails is used for user management via static page frontend. It was also used as the API to handle received events from registered applications.

PostgreSQL for the database layer.

Author face

Dave Lively

Dave is a Support Engineer at SalesLoft, husband to Sarah, graduate of West Point, and avid Atlanta United supporter.

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