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More of a proof of concept than an exhaustive music library, this app mimics many functions found on modern web streaming apps. Users can play music, explore albums, rate albums, favorite songs, and search for music. We only have a few .mp3’s to pick from, but it’s a large enough sample size to see how the features work. Note that we do not persist any data (to include user information) - we’re only proofing our user interface.

Figure 1 Figure 1. Playbar and playlist for selecting music.

Figure 2 Figure 2. Users can rate albums (1 to 5 stars) and favorite individual tracks (see star next to track length).

Figure 3 Figure 3. Users can create an account.

Figure 4 Figure 4. One search string returns results for album, artist, or song.

Tech Stack

AngularJS for our user interface and data layer. Note that as a schoolhouse project, we do not persist any of the data, but it is maintained only until refresh.

Grunt is our JS task runner.

Author face

Dave Lively

Dave is a Support Engineer at SalesLoft, husband to Sarah, graduate of West Point, and avid Atlanta United supporter.

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